Tuesday, 21 September 2010

All We Hear Is...

Goodly greetings, today I can reveal with much joy in my heart, that I'm heading back on the radio.

I have previously presented on a couple of radio stations, oop north, and passed on my deep passion for music from film soundtracks and scores to the good people of Southport and Merseyside. The show originally grew from a 2hr Tuesday nighter on Southport Community Radio to a 4hr behemoth called Saturday Night at The Movies with guests, interviews and live music.

I've been on the hunt for a station down here where I can fit in and I've found it with Forest FM. It covers Verwood and Bournemouth on 92.3FM but is also available on line at forestfm.co.uk and is the second most listened to station in the area after Radio 2.

I've already got my first show "in the can" and will be doing another one soon. It'll be going out weekly on a Sunday morning 9am till 10am GMT starting Sunday October 3rd.
It's a new software system, so it's fun to learn, mix and normalize myself in post production.

Keep an eye out for gems from the films of Almodovar, Sturges and big Spielberg himself.

Until the next time film fans...Mr Abbott