Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Beginning of DAW...

The exhibition has officially begun.

The door is open, new work has been made, the space has been prepared, nibbles have been purchased - all we need now is an audience for what might be the smallest exhibition space in Dorset Art Weeks (more will be revealed over the next 2 weeks).

Here's a sneaky perusal of one of the new images which Tracey has made for Plastic Words Cubed, it was made in response to my piece of writing 'the man who eats the weather' and it's only available in an edition of three.

Be back soon

Monday, 24 May 2010


It's been a while sine our last post as we're frantically putting the finishing touches to our new exhibition! As part of Dorset Art Weeks (29th May - 13th June), our tiny hallway will be transformed into a haven of all things orange and cyan. Ian is working on a new series of playbills and has been doing lots more writing whilst I'm busy shooting the next in the 'Plastic Words' series (which really means playing with Playmobil and occasionally taking some photos).

This exhibition will be a collection of old and new works so now's the best time to buy some O&C pieces before they all go! We're looking forward to inviting people from around the UK through our art deco door and can't wait to see what other artists in the area are creating too.

To get in the mood, I've been swap-botting again and this time I've made some ATC's inspired by Resident Evil 4! I've always wanted to draw Leon as he's my favourite character and am working on a cross stitch of him but thought I'd try and translate key moments from the game onto a 2x3 inches ATC - what a task! I've played the game again and again (research purposes, honest) and I've created two cards so that when they sit together they form one big picutre or when apart, become an evil vs good set. Hope you like!


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sci-Fi London

We had a fabulous time at Sci-Fi London. Got oodles of freebies and there was lots to see. The best thing we saw was "ONE" - a film based on the essay, One Human Minute by Stanislaw Lem. It takes his fictional review of a book, which purports to be a collection of statistics of what happens on Earth in the space of 60 seconds, and turns it into a mystery story. When the entire content of a world-renown rare books store disappears and is replaced by hundreds of copies of a single book called 1, those present in the shop are investigated by the Bureau of Paranormal Activity (RDI Reality Defence Institute)..... It was beautiful and had some fab archive footage thrown in!

I also got to meet Marcus Gilbert - my mum used to fancy him rotten after he starred in Jilly Cooper's 'Riders'. He was very charming and looked very tanned.

We also learn about how if you destroyed 50 of the most important satellites in space, the world would come to a complete and devestating stand still within 11 and a half hours. On a brighter note, we got to spend time with our dear friends Adele and Tom, eat lots of yummy sushi and feel ready to create some fab work for our upcoming exhibition for Dorset Art Weeks!

All in all, a lovely bank holiday jaunt!