Thursday, 26 May 2011

Stay out of the black...

Bullseye. I think it's actually the greatest 30 minutes ever seen on the small screen on every single day.

T and I have been watching inordinate amounts of the late night repeats on Challenge TV. Based in the Midlands, Bullseye is everyTV, not just a cheap, single, hollow televisual experience - oh no, it has...

general knowledge quiz,
sporting skills test,
darting celebrities,
cash prizes and star prizes
human stories,
an amazing score and theme tune,
working man's club presenter's/heroes with Jim and Tony.

...and it's the warmth, good humour, and gentle bit of competition which makes it the ultimate in TV viewing.

Can you imagine an animated bull crossing your TV helping you learn how to spell as a young boy? Bullseye did it.
Can you imagine the mathematical workouts that playing darts does to a young grey matter? Bullseye did it.

It even had alternate closing themes depending if the darting pair were victorious in winning the star prize (speedboat anyone?) or Jim rubbing it in their face and saying "let's have a look at what you could have won" and it being a fortnight for four in Malta!

So with all this Bullseye love flowing around, I am absolutely cock-a-hoop that a Bullseye live theatre tour is launching this Autumn and we're going to be there. Featuring Eric "the crafty cockney" Bristow, Bob Anderson and John Lowe (the holy darting trinity) and the chance for the audience to win prizes as well, it's going to be a sensational night in Reading in November. What more could you want? Well if you want to go to the tour, and there's no reason why you wouldn't, click here for the official Bullseye website for as much Bully as you could ever hope for.

Altogether now....Iiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnn One

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Big Car Boot Bargains

Ah, Sundays. We absolutely heart Sundays here at Orange and Cyan HQ. Every morning is a musical celebration as we loudly sing our heads off to Abbo's show "SoundsTracks" on Forest FM, then after gulping down some milk and checking if the sun is shining, we head off to the car boot.

This week there were dozens of old Xbox's on sale and the first thing Tam picked up was the original C.S.I game as she likes to pretend she knows complicated and impressive things about solving murders. Moving swiftly on, we then bagged a retro delicious 10p Tron Video, a yellow glass fish dish, a beautiful mustard yellow cowboy tobacco tin (perfect size for kirby grips) and a blue sewing needles pouch in need of some Tam T.L.C.

There are actually 2 car boots in the area - you can see the other over the road from whichever one you're in so swinging our carrier bag of bargains, we hit car boot number 2, stuffed ourselves with broccoli and mushroom quiche (from the tasty polish run cake stall - massive slices for £1 - we love it) followed by Strawberry and Lemon cakes. Charged with sugar we hit the stalls, haggling over a lovely little invaluable and instructive 'Love, Courtship and Marriage' guide for the romantically inclined from the Hugh Evelyn Victorian Library. We rather like the morbid advice under the section of 'Etiquette for Husbands and Wives' that states you should always leave home with a tender good-bye and loving words as they may be the last...

Next Abbo snapped up 3 gorgeous Bus Driver ties for 75p each that we can't wait to show our friend Nursey Bang Bang as she is currently working on a Gentleman's range of tailored ties (we got a sneak preview this week and love the new range). Some Citadel Combat card games, cheap greetings cards and cheaper postcards later, we finally grabbed 3 loose tea spoons for 10p each that with a bit of spit, polish and elbow grease, will make excellent gifts.

Sunday afternoons are spent remembering what we've bought and playing pooter games. We're currently reviewing LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, Gatling Gears, Section 8: Prejudice and trying to finish Portal 2 - that's if you can tear Tracey away from Dragon Age Legends on Facebook!

Bliss :D

Saturday, 7 May 2011

If I was a film...I'd be REDLINE.

A neo kinetic frenzy of a film with slaughtering pace, gorgeous visual chaos and 10 pints of exhilaration for every viewer. Sometimes hard to follow but the energy and excitement it created merely served to stoke my fervour and make me want to watch it again and again and again.

I saw it at 5.30am during the super smashing Sci-Fi-London Film Festival Anime All Nighter and there was no better time to be ripped from tiredness into an optical onslaught with the greatest colour palette I've ever seen in a movie or anywhere. A breath of fresh air, a whirlwind to cleanse your mind more like.

In development for over half a decade, it's the directorial debut feature of Takeshi Koike (key animator on The Animatrix, Dead Leaves and Samurai Champloo). Somehow, without the audience realising it, Koike manages to make all this chaos believable. Perhaps through the pure density of detail or just knowing when to pull in the reigns slightly, he makes everything from the busy alien crowd scenes to the explosive race sequences seem like events in a real, tangible world.

Everyone will not love this film – from the high-octane, scratch-mixed techno Soundtrack by James Shimoji or the haters who'll spit their narrative dummy at the film's minimal plot. Redline is experimental, challenging and most importantly exhilarating in its artistic style in ways that most works could not even dream of reaching through script writing or thematic devices.

The beast is released on 12th September 2011 on blu-ray and DVD (Mr Cyan cannot wait), but in the meantime, have a Pat Butcher's at the trailer.