Thursday, 26 May 2011

Stay out of the black...

Bullseye. I think it's actually the greatest 30 minutes ever seen on the small screen on every single day.

T and I have been watching inordinate amounts of the late night repeats on Challenge TV. Based in the Midlands, Bullseye is everyTV, not just a cheap, single, hollow televisual experience - oh no, it has...

general knowledge quiz,
sporting skills test,
darting celebrities,
cash prizes and star prizes
human stories,
an amazing score and theme tune,
working man's club presenter's/heroes with Jim and Tony.

...and it's the warmth, good humour, and gentle bit of competition which makes it the ultimate in TV viewing.

Can you imagine an animated bull crossing your TV helping you learn how to spell as a young boy? Bullseye did it.
Can you imagine the mathematical workouts that playing darts does to a young grey matter? Bullseye did it.

It even had alternate closing themes depending if the darting pair were victorious in winning the star prize (speedboat anyone?) or Jim rubbing it in their face and saying "let's have a look at what you could have won" and it being a fortnight for four in Malta!

So with all this Bullseye love flowing around, I am absolutely cock-a-hoop that a Bullseye live theatre tour is launching this Autumn and we're going to be there. Featuring Eric "the crafty cockney" Bristow, Bob Anderson and John Lowe (the holy darting trinity) and the chance for the audience to win prizes as well, it's going to be a sensational night in Reading in November. What more could you want? Well if you want to go to the tour, and there's no reason why you wouldn't, click here for the official Bullseye website for as much Bully as you could ever hope for.

Altogether now....Iiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnn One

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