Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Preview Party

Last night we had 18 friends, artists and co-workers through the Orange and Cyan DAW doors and all had come to see our little exhibition. Guests were invited to a drink of Orange or Cyan and there were Complimentary Consumption Cartons full of tasty treats for guests to nibble as they viewed the work or munch on their way home.

We were delighted to welcome so many talented, friendly and jolly people to our home and would like to thank them all for their positive comments and support. We had great fun and were pleased that everyone enjoyed the work and the experience!

So much so, we're doing it all again tonight! Can't wait to hear and see how our guests react!

Also, for all you media munchers out there, we were featured in the Bournemouth Echo Newspaper today so all in all, a good days work and a great evening!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for inviting Marty and I to your delightful cupboard of wonderfulness last night. Felt so inspired by your work I visited Lidl today wearing my pinny. I needed to contrast the playful fabric and useful pocket against their display of inexpensive biscuits. Contrasts were noted and enjoyed. I seemed to blend rather well with the custard creams!!
    Best of luck for the rest of DAW and go you two for the Echo tribute.
    Love Nursey Bang Bang xx