Saturday, 5 March 2011


For reasons unknown but not to be scoffed at, I've reached the grand total of 100 followers on Twitter! Whoop Whoop!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've decided to do something special! As it's Mother's Day coming up at the end of the month, I'm asking all followers to tweet me their favourite video game that features Zombies. The best 3 suggestions will be made into cards that you can give your mum this coming Mother's Day! Why give your mum a cheap pink rabbity card when you can celebrate all her undeadness with an Orange and Cyan greeting card?

Suggestions already put forward include the Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty: Black Ops and my personal favourite, the Los Ganados from Resident Evil 4 (yup, a blatant excuse to put a picture of Leon on the blog)!

To have your say on the final selection, tweet your fave game to @tamcgarrigan by 4pm on Friday 18th March!


  1. What a brilliant idea. As a brand new twitterite I will be following you very soon!

  2. But I don't know anything about zombie computer games. What about film or tv zombies?

  3. don't worry Siren. BFF's will also get a free card they can give their mums. Knowing your mum, I'm sure she'll be thrilled with the rotting flesh designs I'm working on. Got some more good suggestions coming on Twitter....