Monday, 20 February 2012

Ace of Cakes

Fresh from the international hit TV show - Hair Battle Spectacular - on the most criminally underrated channel - Really - comes our new favourite way to spend 60 mins, ladies and gentleman, we bring you...Ace of Cakes.

Charting the stories and daily experiences of Duff Goldman's business Charm City Cakes who make the most outrageous and architecturally insane edible structures. Duff employs his buddies to help create and craft these tasty marvels and the programme charts the deadlines, problems and innovative solutions that the team come up with to make sure those who ordered the customised cake receive it right on time.

It is verging on food sculpture with all the tools the team use including trowels, paint brushes and everything in between. Live this week include a massive Hershey's chocolate bar complete with kisses, a 3D Charlie Brown and Peanuts halloween themed cake, an antique gym locker and a zombie themed wedding cake.

At the end of each show, you get the big reveal where the recipient sees the creation that has been made especially before them and generally smiles are shared around. Duff decided after pastry school to make cakes his way and it seems to be going pretty well for him. They make it bigger, badder and awesomer!

It's currently on Really at 7-8pm on a Monday evening GMT. Head over to their website and see what other crazy things they get up to and make.

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