Sunday, 5 August 2012

Return to Car Boot Corner!

After some very soggy weekends, today we hit the car boot with renewed vigor and nabbed us some amazing August bargains!

The bread man was back so we fueled up on flapjack before heading up and down the aisles of cars and tables, crammed with treasures. Our first purchase was a phone box magnet that when pushed, makes a ringing noise and flashes. It's brilliant and was a bargain at only 50p. Of course, we always pick up Greetings From postcards and the haul this week were mainly of Scarborough which we know and love very well after studying there.

Tam spotted a Space Wars illustrated beauty whilst Abbo was given a free book on village life after buying the vendors favourite book (which no one else wanted to buy); Loving the Machine - a picture packed look at the art and science of Japanese robots. We had a good chat with him and recommended he check out the film Robo-G. There are always loads of funny little snippets of conversation we catch on the way round, like a grandma commenting on a young boy's teeth "Look at yer yella teeth. Bet ya don't brush um from one month tut next!"

We also learnt that slimming world costs £5 a week. Elsewhere, in-line skates and Tony Hawks videogames seemed to be on every other stall. One hand-made, Moroccan prayer rug with tanned stags and cyan background plus fringe, a handful of rings, a watch, some clip on earrings, 4 packs of garish gift bags and some plastic, fruity table mats later we spotted Albert...

Propped up against a camper van, our super fabulous purchase of the day is a 4ft, metal target man! Only £10, FIG11 (whom we have renamed Albert), formerly took residence at the Ministry of Defence but has retired as is riddled with holes. He now stands proudly in our hallway; the first and last line of defence to our little apartment of boot wonders.

Bang bang, bling bling. Boot done!

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