Friday, 5 March 2010

Foot Race 1 - Winner!

Tracey and I were proud to host the Inaugural Bournemouth Foot Race which took place between groynes 20 and 21 on Bournemouth beach on Wednesday 3rd March 2010.

The first competitors were Tyler Myers and Stephen Fiehn (Chicago performance duo Cupola Bobber who've just finished a short English tour of their 4th work Way Out West The Sea Whispered Me in cities ending in -er).
It was a tight and physically punishing race and Stephen lost by about 2 lengths at the end. From his beaming smile, I think we can all tell that Tyler was very happy to receive his plaque from Tracey.

We're hosting a few other international competitors over the next few weeks from Germany, Lancashire and Wales so I hope to post further updates on here soon.

Enduringly yours


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