Friday, 4 February 2011

PlayStation 3

Who wants to hear a story about a little computer that began its life in Wigan? A modern console fairytale which goes by the name of PS3.

It's no.3 in the series from Sony after the incredible PS2 which shifted gazillions of units and had iconic titles like: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, SingStar and Guitar Hero. I still drop a mean Wolf Mother on our plastic guitar or a tasty Franz Ferdinand from the red mic!

Well Madame PS3, tell me what can you offer.

Can I play a tasty Blu-Ray movie? Oh yes!
Well, do you have innovative and exclusive titles? Oh yes, we've got Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain and Metal Gear Solid 4
Well can I edit movies? yes. Get on t'net? yes. Photo/Music see/play? yes, yes, yes.
Are you very noisy when it's switched on? Oh no, I purr in the corner like a miniature cat

Would you like to come home with me then? Oui monsieur, I would like that very much.

The Console Collection now has its big sister to sit next to little master wii and the scampstrel that is xbox360 and I think they will all live happily ever after in the fantastical computer game happiness world of O&C.

P.S. But Dead Space 2 makes me scream a bit too much!

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