Saturday, 8 January 2011

The British Library

We're chuffed to bits to announce that our website has been invited to take part in the British Library Web Archiving Programme. Woop Woop!

The British Library say:
"We select and archive sites to represent aspects of UK documentary heritage and as a result, they will remain available to researchers in the future."

In essence, O&C and all its contents are going to be around for people to wonder and gaze at long after we're gone because the British Library will be around for hundreds of years to come.
It's the worlds biggest library holding over 150 million items!

The British Library will:
"Develop preservation mechanisms to keep your publication permanently accessible as hardware and software changes over time."

It's similar to what we're doing with The Console Collection - preserving things we think are important for future generations.

Here for eternity

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