Wednesday, 19 January 2011

More excitement coming this Spring!!

After months of hyper speculation, rumours and wishful thinking, today Nintendo revealed that the new 3DS will be released in the EU on 25th March (we're already booking that day off work)!

Leading the way once again, Nintendo have designed a very clever piece of kit that we can't wait to get our hands on. Available in Cosmos Black or Aqua Blue, you don't need glasses to see the amazing 3D graphics. There are 3 cameras - one points at the user, while the other two point outward and take photos in 3D. There's a new circle pad to allow you to have 360 degrees freedom in games, a built in motion-sensor that you can use in certain games or as a pedometer - perfect for long walks along the beach. Also, when in sleep mode, you can use StreetPass which allows your 3DS to talk to other 3DS consoles it senses in the area - you can exchange game data and swap pictures of your Mii's - yet another new feature! You can listen to MP3's and of course play loads of great new games.

We're looking forward to Resident Evil: Mercenaries (come on H.U.N.K) and of course seeing the classic Zelda: Ocarina of Time in glorious three-dimensional technicolour!

Having sold more than 3.5 Billion (yup we're talking 9 zero's) games worldwide, the bank of Nintendo will be swelling come March but can't think of anything else we'd rather spend money on! Will retire the old DS and add it to the growing Console Collection :-)

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