Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Mr India

Who doesn't love a 1980s Hindi Sci-Fi Superhero film?

With the holy trinity of Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and Amrish Puri creating marvellous characters whilst delivering incredible dance routines to the most memorable music and lyrics, it was always going to be a super 3 hour smash hit.

It also has one of the most the most famous quotes within the history of Bollywood:
"Mogambo khush hua" (Mogambo is pleased)

Puri as Mogambo is better than the world's best Bond baddie with his underground lair full of redundant flashing lights, a red lava pit full with skin stripping properties and some wild finger adornments complete with 2 hand painted globes to drum them on.

Mr India in a nutshell:
Anil's character takes in a dozen orphans, falls behind on his rent and lets a room to a beautiful journalist. However, the evil Mogambo wants his land, a fight ensues, an old professor tells Anil of a mystical contraption invented by his father (a watch that makes you invisible), Mogambo threatens to blow up India with missiles, Anil turns invisible, saves the day, Mogambo dies and Mr India and his identity remains hidden forever.

The song Hawa Hawaii (sung by Kavita Krishnamurthy) performed by Sridevi is the absolute highlight of the film and at nearly ten minutes long with 4 costume changes - it has to be seen and heard to be believed.

A true Bollywood masterpiece and should be seen by everyone.

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