Friday, 7 January 2011

Retro Review

Streets of Rage
Sega Mega Drive

Welcome to the 90s side and welcome to the finest side scrolling beat em the world has ever seen. Step up Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding and Adam Hunter who want to rid their crime riddled streets of and badly dressed knife carriers.

Ripping off the late 80s pioneer Double Dragon, Streets of Rage wears its bibliography proudly on its sleeve and takes the best of lots of games like Golden Axe and Final Fight but makes them better.

I like my characters designed from the leftfield. Enter Ayano Koshiro, sister of composer Yuzo Koshiro (who gave us some of the finest trance cuts ever heard on a video game), who presents us with giant American wrestlers, obese fire breathers and failed Freddy Krueger impressionists all wanting a piece of you.This is all before you get to the imaginatively titled Mr X, take him down and then it provides you with an option to have a good or bad end – who says Rockstar invented player choice?

The 2 player co-op mode is great and makes everything way more enjoyable and enables you to attack enemies with special moves that you can’t pull off on your own. Tracey & I were tearing up the streets with our rage, stealing drainpipes, eating chickens and dishing out cans of gangsta to those knife wielding thugs. It paved the way for Streets of Rage 2 and 3 before the end of 1994 which were as good, if not better. What a trilogy!

All in all we owned in the streets in a little over 90 minutes, were engaged throughout and made us feel that little bit street!

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