Monday, 3 January 2011

Operation Sandcastle

It was 1/1/11, 9 forces came together to do battle over the the great sandy tundra of Bournemouth betwixt groynes 23 and 24.

A 2m x 2m square was given and the challenge was to create a something, a spectacular sandy something to bewitch and bemuse the good folk of Bournemouth upon this very first day of 2011.

Here's T's entry, an awesome replica of the O2 Arena complete with Take That tour bus.

Our competitors were:
Tracey Mc, ITA, Dr Bird, Nursey Bang Bang, The Twins, Miss Cream Tease and 2 Swedish Snowcastling experts Svenson and Ninason.

Here's my effort, a selection of diseased internal organs from Bill the Duck including lungs at the bottom and a heart and kidney composite (Hidney) at the top

It was tense, there was much public and canine interest throughout the 3 hour competition as well as beach combing for the correct shaped stone, shell or Brazilian pubic wigs.

Here's Dr Bird with his monster rock machine complete with miniature amp

A hearty time was had by all and the judging public deemed Miss Cream Tease with her Turtle the winner. The Twins were robbed with their new civilisations and beached fish efforts.

Take a look at the short sand documentary to see all the efforts and some excellent bubbling action.

Images and video courtesy of the inimitable Nursey Bang Bang.
We'll be back next year with more sand and more creations!

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  1. I was the one who was robbed! I really think my piece deserves a second look! Thank you for inviting us to your wonderful event, I shall be making detailed plans in the summer to ensure a victory next year. Bring it on!
    Love Nursey